Rock: Paper / Scissors – Ed.1

22 July 2015

Each week, we bring you a round up of the week’s classic rock news.


Do all AC/DC songs end the same way?

“I’ve got an idea! I’ll cut the endings of all the AC/DC songs off and import them into one audio file!”

It’s long been said that every AC/DC song sounds the same. But it may not be that far from the truth! Paul Marshall, a DJ at KSLX FM, in Phoenix, decided to play all of the AC/DC (non-fading) endings one after the other, and here’s what he found:

What do you think?

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd faces prison

More AC/DC related news, as Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Rudd has been arrested for breaching his home detention and possessing alcohol in New Zealand, only days after he avoided jail for threatening murder. [full story]

Bon Jovi new track available to stream

Following news of a US release on 21 August, Bon Jovi’s record label Republic Records is streaming the first music from impending “fan album” ‘Burning Bridges’. The release will be the first album since the Richie Sambora departed and made way for Phil X (incidentally, our guitarist Paul has worked as guitar tech for and supported Phil X!). Hear ‘We Don’t Run’ here!

What do you think to the new track?

Meat Loaf back on the road

We’re thrilled to hear that Meat Loaf has announced a new tour, starting in California in October. The 63 year old, who has had health scares leading to tour cancellations in recent years said, “being in front of a live audience is a feeling you can’t get with anything else”. [full story]

Here’s hoping that tour finds its way to Europe!

Meat Loaf’s track ‘Bat Out of Hell’ features in our show. Here’s a demo:

Megadeath new lineup seen live for the first time

Following the sudden departures of their drummer and guitarist last year, there was much speculation as to what the Megadeath new lineup would be. The announcement of the addition of Kiko Loureiro on guitar and Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler was met positively, and with good reason it would seem given the reaction of fans on social media.

The first 14-song set performed by the new Megadeath was performed on Sunday at the Festival d’Ete, Quebec. See the videos and the full story here: [full story]

Rock: Paper / Scissors is brought to you by the producers of Simply70s: Ultimate Classic Rock, the UK’s most energetic classic rock show. /

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