Rock: Paper / Scissors – Ed.2

29 July 2015

Each week, we bring you a round up of the week’s classic rock news.


Covers Band Doobie Brothers Lawsuit

First up this week, a story that might interest musos playing in cover and tribute bands, as Billboard reports that the Doobie Brothers Corp and Doobro Entertainments have sued a Californian 70s covers duo calling themselves “Doobie Decimal System” (DDS).

The plaintiffs claim that the use of “Doobie” in the duos name (which is presented in larger font than the rest of the name for marketing purposes) demonstrates “willful intent to trade on the fame and reputation, or to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive consumers” and that the word “has no meaning in the music industry” other than in relation to the Doobie Brother’s catalogue.

Worrying news for some of the world’s most popular tribute and cover bands then?

We’d guess that there isn’t as much to worry about as it may first seem*. Firstly, it is claimed that Doobie-related titles were trademarked for use in music for the Doobie Brothers in 1982. Possibly more important, though, is the fact that one member of DDS happens to have co-founded two multi-billion dollar private equity firms.

Your average muso can probably rest easy for now. [Full Story]

*Probably better to ask a lawyer than to take our word for it though!

Motörhead in 40th Anniversary London Concert

“The world’s loudest band” have announced a concert at London’s Eventim Apollo, with tickets going on sale on Friday 31st at 9am. You can get access to a special day early pre-sale over at

Vic Firth Passes Away, Aged 85

Everett Firth, the founder of the world-famous drum stick manufacturing company died this week. A simple statement on the Vic Firth website read:

Vic was an inspiration to all of us. He was a visionary, a mentor, a leader and a friend. He always said he surrounded himself with the best people, but the truth is he brought out the best in all of us. His boundless passion for music and musicians drove every decision he made.

Vic’s spirit and legacy will continue to live at the core of the Vic Firth Company. He will be missed beyond words.


Keith Richards Documentary

The rocker’s website has announced of a linkup with Netflix to premier ‘Keith Richards: Under the Influence’, a documentary revealing “an unprecedented look into the sounds and influences of rock and roll icon” Richards. The film is directed by Oscar winner Morgan Neville and will be available to watch from September 18th. [Full Story]

Jimmy Page: Returning to Live Shows

In an interview with The Toronto Star, Jimmy Page has announced that he intends to “start putting all of this energy into being seen to play live again”.

Following completion of the reissue project of Led Zep albums, the legendary guitarist has decided to dedicate his time to a new “guitar project”.

The reissuing of Led Zeppelin material seems to have been an arduous process, with Page having to “listen to every tape” in his archive to find unreleased mixes of the band’s greats, such as Stairway to Heaven, and “versions of songs that people didn’t know about”.

The demands of doing so have prevented Page from looking to performing live: “I couldn’t concentrate properly on even thinking about another project until all of this was done. But now’s the time.” Exciting news indeed… [Full Interview]

Rock: Paper / Scissors is brought to you by the producers of Simply70s: Ultimate Classic Rock, the UK’s most energetic classic rock show. /

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