Rock: Paper / Scissors – Ed. 3

05 August 2015

Each week, we bring you a round up of the week’s classic rock news.


It’s been a quiet week in the world of classic rock news, but you can always rely on Jimmy Page to give us something to talk about…

Page Rules Out Led Zep Reunion

In last week’s edition, we brought you news of Jimmy Page’s intention to resume recording and live shows, following the completion of the reissue of Led Zeppelin’s final three albums. This week, the legendary guitarist has ruled out doing so with the other remaining members of the band, and insists it’ll be his own material that next gets a public airing.

In an interview published by The Daily Beast, Page makes it clear that the 2007 reunion concert (featuring John Bonham’s son on drums), that lead to the release of “Celebration Day” in 2012, was a massive undertaking that he can’t see being repeated.

“We rehearsed loads so that Jason—John’s son—felt like he was part of the band and not just some novelty. We all needed it to be that way. But I can’t foresee doing it again, because we all have to agree and agree for the right reasons.” He continues, “Led Zeppelin was a creative force that you can’t just snap your fingers and create”, seemingly ruling out any new recorded material too.

Surprisingly, Page also seems to reveal that of all of the remasters released last week, he is most proud of Coda, the hotly-debated and often highly-criticised album hurriedly released after Bonham’s death.

“When I was mapping the whole project out, I’d already made up my mind that Coda was again going to be a huge celebration of everything,” Page says. “Purely by the fact of making Coda a double, I really wanted to put out just about everything [in the vaults]. I knew I was going to finish with two companion discs for the last one, with all the studio stuff that people might have heard about, the stuff that helped create the mythology of Led Zeppelin. So here it is, folks. I’m giving it all to you!”

[Full Interview]

“Stairway” Lawsuit Date Announced

More Jimmy Page news, with the hearing for the copyright infringement lawsuit claiming that Page lifted his Stairway to Heaven introduction from “Taurus” by Spirit, for whom Led Zep opened on tour in the late 60s.

Lawyer for the estate of Spirit songwriter, Randy California, who drowned in 1997 whilst saving his from a Hawaiian riptide, said “There’s no doubt Jimmy Page appreciated Spirit… And, of course, Led Zeppelin has a unique history of lifting their songs from other sources. What we want is for credit to be given where it’s due. I’m a fan of Led Zeppelin, but in this situation, we want credit for Randy.”

Decide for yourself:

The hearing has been set for 17th August in the same LA court that awarded $7.4million to Marvin Gaye’s estate for infringement by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams on “Blurred Lines”. [Full Story]

Rudd Avoids Prison

Two weeks ago, we brought you news that AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd once again faced prison for breaching his house arrest. Having pleaded not guilty to the charge, reports that he has been released pending further hearings in November.

He said he would ‘celebrate with a cup of tea’. [Full Story]

Supertramp Euro Tour Canceled

Due to the ill health of Rick Davies, the band have cancelled all European “Supertramp Forever” tour dates, which were scheduled for November and December, with no current plans to move the dates.

Davies is suffering with “multiple myeloma and has begun aggressive treatment to combat the disease”, according to the band’s website. Davies’ statement read, “I was really looking forward to returning to Europe and playing with the band again and I’m sorry to disappoint everyone who has overwhelmingly supported the upcoming tour.  Unfortunately my current health issues have derailed me and right now I need to focus all of my energy on getting well.” [Full Story]

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